First clip from Beauty and the Beast! Emma Watson sings Belle!

Wow, memories from my childhood were brought back… I absolutely loved this cartoon film when I was a kid, and one of the best songs from the animated movie was this one that we get ...

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The opening of RICK AND MORTY season 3 is has been released!

Before I watched this series I thought, what the hell is this for a series? It looks bad, boring and not so funny…. but I was so WRONG! =D Rick & Morty was AWESOME! And ...

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Cool video about the evolution of CG Faces!

The Visual Effects has come a long way trough the years and today I have a video showing us the evolution of CG faces, a very cool and interesting video. Check it out below ;)

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A Horrifying Sharkmovie Trailer for 47 METERS DOWN!

It’s a movie where a big shark is the main villain, do I need to say more other than it looks quite good!?  That’s what I thought…. check out the trailer below for 47 METERS ...

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