Check out How ILM Created some Visual Effects of KING KONG!

I love watching some behind the scenes footage and how some visual effects of movies were made and today I have a short video where host Mike Seymour from Wire talks about how KONG and some ...

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New PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 Trailer is released, I will be honest…

I’ve never liked the sequels of THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies, especially the third one… I’ve tried to watch the third movie like 3 times and I’ve always felt asleep at the same scene, ...

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The First Full JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer is here!

The first Justice League trailer is here and we finally get to see much more of what to expect and the other super heroes… the superheroes looks cool, especially Aquaman… but one looks to fake ...

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New Posters, Teasers and Info about JUSTICE LEAGUE!

I have 2 teasers and some posters for you of the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie… we get to see a character tease of Batman, Aquaman and Flash! Awesome! And we will have a new full ...

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