5 awesome Movies out of my TOP 100 Favorites! Part 1

I’ve watch so many movies throughout my years from all different kind of genres and I thought I could recommend you some of my best movies for you. They are not in any kind of ...

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The First STRANGER THINGS 2 Trailer is Here!

One of my favorite series last year is heading back to Netflix soon… STRANGER THINGS season 2! The first trailer has been released and it looks awesome! Check it out below! Stranger Things comes out on October ...

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New LONG Comic-Con Trailer for JUSTICE-LEAGUE!

There was also a huge JUSTICE-LEAGUE trailer released in comic-con and it looks like there will be a lot of action on it! ;) AQUAMAN is awesome! But the question remains… will we see a ...

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NEW Trailer for THOR RAGNAROK With lots of new footage! HULK Is a Beast!

There is a Comic-Con going on in San Diego and it’s the biggest event of the year regarding comics and collectibles stuff. It’s also the place were they always release the biggest trailers for upcoming ...

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