Quick Review: JBL 300TWS Wireless Earpods

Quick Review:
Wireless earpods.
Price: 140 usd

JBL has recently released their wireless EarPods 300TWS and I’ve been testing them out for more than a week, here is my quick review.
The first thing I noticed when I opened the nice package they came with was the cool black chargeable box the EarPods were in!
It’s a really nice holder and it has the perfect weight to it, really looks like you are getting top quality here.

The EarPods looks sweet as well and screams quality when looking at them.
You get extra rubber accessories for your earbuds, but I just loved how they fitted perfectly in my ears straight out of the box! But it’s nice to see that no matter what ears you have, you will probably not need to worry about them fitting in your ears.
These are the most comfortable EarPods I’ve tested so far!
They feel sturdy in your ears and not like they can fall if you do a drastic move. Big plus for that.
They are a bit big maybe but not too big, still in the bigger category compared to others.
I really loved the look of them.
They are also sweat and water resistant so perfect for training.

JBL 300 TWS has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and that makes it super easy to connect to connect it to your preferable device.
I had them connected to my iPhone and iPad and I had no problem connecting them back and forwards at all.
You get a nice little description in the package on how to use your controls and voice commands. Yes, they have unbuild voice command for Alexa and Google, a nice feature for sure.

The EarPods have a battery of 20 hours in total, 6 hours without charging them and 14 more with the box. Thats about what I got, so it’s quite accurate.
But, a really nice thing is that when you battery dies, you can easily recharge them for 10 minutes and it will give you a whole hour of more battery on them!

But what about the sound quality… yes this is the most important feature in the end and right out of the box they sounded good, I was a little disappointed but read later in the manual that I could download an app to adjust my sound in the settings. I did that, added bass and from there the sound was much better! Weird that they didn’t come like that straight away.

I really loved these EarPods, I was using the Razer Hammerhead before and now I not so sure which ones I will continue to use.
These were more comfortable in the ears and had much better battery life.

Razers had a gaming feature but one that I rarely use and a little better sound quality but not that much of a difference after I adjusted these.
I love both but I think I will continue to use these, for a bit more.

Read more about them here:

RATING: 8/10

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