RAZER is supporting their business partners with 50 million USD!

Here are some good news coming from Razer.
There is no surprise that the market and the economy in a lot of businesses everywhere and in almost every category are going trough some hard and dark moments thanks to the COVID-19 virus.
I have never seen so much insecurity in business as now, no one know exactly how things will go…
That’s why I wanted to bring up some good news and that maybe more companies could do something like Razer are doing to help out other businesses that might be struggling to survive.

Razer will deploy up to US$50 million within 2020 through three main support arms within the ecosystem – Razer Gold, Razer Fintech and zVentures. The fund will be split across these three pillars in the form of financial contributions, cashflow support and investments. This initiative will also provide businesses with access to Razer’s unique ecosystem of hardware, software and services with over 80 million total registered users worldwide, and create positive business impact through alliances and partnerships

The current pandemic is affecting everyone differently. With this in mind, Razer has taken on the goal of supporting those affected by COVID-19. Its three main support arms within this ecosystem are:

  • Razer Gold
  • Razer FinTech
  • zVentures

The $50 million will be split across all three support pillars. Support comes in the form of financial contributions, cashflow support, and investment. Businesses in the program will have access to hardware, software, and services provided by Razer.

Razer’s CEO and co-founder, Min-Liang Tang, said in the official press release that the company is here to play its part.

There are many growing implications with COVID-19 on the global economy and it is affecting everyone from all walks of life. We see the best way for us to do our part is to support our business partners starting with our ecosystem.

Razer Gold
Anyone who’s purchased Razer gear in the past probably knows about Razer Gold. It’s one of the largest digital currencies in the world, with over 3.4 million channel touchpoints in 130 countries. It lets people access digital content for games and entertainment.
With this additional support fund around COVID-19, Razer Gold will now provide support to current and new content partners. It will receive marketing contributions and cashflow review. The team is also exploring additional investment opportunities with its content partners.

Razer FinTech
Razer FinTech is one of the largest offline-to-online digital payment networks in South East Asia. Thus, they’re in the perfect position to help. Established in 2018, FinTech will help new and existing merchants and platform partners. They’ll receive cashflow assistance, fee waivers, and customized marketing programs.
Razer is working closely with Singaporean businesses to collaborate on key issues affecting FinTech. These include saving jobs, lowering business costs, facilitating sales, and stimulating funding.

Venture Capital firms are important institutions for helping drive innovation, creativity, and new business. zVentures was set up to invest in technology companies. Amidst the coronavirus, zVentures is committed to investing in technologies dedicated to fighting COVID-19 and/or supporting people through this difficult time.

Awesome Razer!
If you are interested and would like more information or apply for the programs above, just email: covid19-support@razer.com.


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