The Most Wanted Dota 2 Items in 2020

Hundreds of Dota 2 skins come and go but some items are so iconic that they cost more fully fledged gaming machines. We’ve scourged the Internet and these ten skins represent the best of Dota 2.

Pudge’s Dragon claw Hook

Pudge’s Dragon claw Hook is an immortal rarity item that costs in the upwards of $1000 at some skins-trading websites. It came out in 2013 and because it’s almost never been seen again, its demand has been snowballing.

In 2018, the item was at the center of a controversial video game that used counterfeit dragon claw hooks to scam gamers. Steam removed the game immediately, however, and the value of the genuine dragon claw wasn’t affected.

Anti-Mage’s Golden Basher Blades

It is not too long ago when every Dota 2 gamer’s dream was to own a golden skin. But not all golden items are created equally and Anti-Mage’s Golden Basher Blades is proof of that. First, it costs up to $800 if you want the skin while it is still in its bundle. 

Once opened, the item’s value dips to $10 or less. That’s the reason nearly everyone with these blades keeps them intact. In all fairness, the blades look flawless with their golden hues and animations of Mana Break and Mana Void.

Ember Spirit’s Genuine Imperial Flame Swords Pack

One of the reasons this Swords Pack is so much valuable is that it was released to the wrong audience…kind of. Valve availed the item to South Korean Dota 2 players using Nexon Servers in 2017. 

But since Dota 2 isn’t so popular in Korea, only a handful of them were dropped. Fast forward to 2020 and the swords cost as much as $500 each. That means you can walk away with $1000 if you get the right buyer.

Alpine Stalker’s Set

People who own the Alpine Stalker’s Set can be certain of fetching up to $1000 when they sell it. If they choose to dispose specific items, they could earn $400 for the hat, $250 for the scarf and up to $200 for his pants.

Surprisingly, Alpine’s Stalker’s Set is only famous because it attracted a backlash when it came out. Apparently, people hated its cowboy theme so much that Valve removed it almost immediately. 

But guess what? The backlash made the set a rare item. And with rarity comes the chance to make decent cash from a skin. In case you’re wondering, you can sell your Dota 2 skins at hassle free. You receive great valuation for your items and money gets into your accounts within five minutes.

Almond the Frondillo

Not every in-demand Dota 2 skin comes at a big price. Some immortal-rarity items cost less than $3—Almond the Frondillo being a prime example. This cutie bundle came out in 2015 with a story linking her to the Yama Raskav Jungle.

Almond acts as a pet for heroes such as Axe, Juggernaut, Bristleback, Riki and Slark.  She comes with a hard-shell red or gold in color. Either way, you can buy the pet to follow your favorite hero around or to sell it once it becomes even rarer. 

Exalted Manifold Paradox

Released in 2014, the Manifold Paradox describes a family sword cut into half by hero Phantom Assassin. He claims the item had been in his family for eleven generations and sharpened so precisely that it sounded like tearing fabric.

The Exalted Manifold Paradox is an Arcana by rarity, meaning it won’t put a significant dent in your wallet. It costs roughly $30 to be precise although a few people have sold it for a lot more.

Feast of Abscession

If you want a skin that will be in-demand for a long time, you can’t go wrong with the Feast of Abscession. It’s synonymous with Pudge—arguably the most popular hero in Dota 2. What’s more, it is one of the most customizable in-game items.

So, even if someone doesn’t like the animations icons or gibs on your skin, they can purchase and personalize it. Additionally, it changes Pudge’s character from an obese butcher to an extremely skilled killer machine. 

Rubick’s Golden Ornithomancer Mantle

Prior to the Frankfurt Major in 2015, Valve released a competition that had a handful of eye catchy items. But perhaps the most beautiful of them was the golden Ornithomancer mantle that has since sold for over $1500 at auctions.

The flashy mantle changes Rubick’s body color from green to gold. It is all about showing off your financial muscles. However, it’s an item that’s so rare that most people don’t want to sell it. That means if you hold it a bit longer, it could gain a lot more value.

Tsukumo the Moon Cloud

Depending on who you ask, Tsukumo is an ugly or beautiful pet item you should or should not buy. However, everyone agrees it’s an extremely rare item worth decent cash on skin trading websites.

Tsukumo is based on a mythical creature that resembles a bunny in Japanese folklore. It is supposed to be cute. But as we mentioned, not everyone likes it. Despite that, it’s an in-demand skin that can fetch you up to $400.

Axe of Phractos

This is another expensive skins Dota 2 gamer tend to differ on its attractiveness. It came out in 2013 as an item you could only get by purchasing something else (a statue). Despite its controversy, though, Axe of Phractos is a famous item that costs as much as $1700.

Unfortunately, Axe has so many toys that that some old weapons such as Axe of Phractos appear to be losing popularity. Against that backdrop, you might want to research the market before you purchase it.

Now it is your Turn

You have two choices when looking for popular Dota 2 items. You can trade extremely rare skins or purchase popular cheap skins that sell fast. Of course, it depends on your goal. If you’re looking for money quickly, assess your most valuable items and get a valuation at a reliable skin selling website. 

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