Wow! What a fantastic piece again coming from BLITZWAY! They are really giving it all with their 1/4 statues! I have the privilege to own the Rocky Balboa II 1/4 scale statue they released last year and it is amazing! Just love it… and for all the Sharon Stone fans out there (if there are any) this is your chance to own her amazing statue… It really looks stunning, but I’m a bit disappointed of Blitzway, why on earth would they choose to produce a character like this? As I said before, iI don’t even know if there are any hardcore fans of Sharon Stone… the scene from Basic Instinct is a classic yes, but would I buy a statue of Sharon Stone from that unforgettable scene for 430 dollars!? I wouldn’t think so. sorry… they could have chosen so many other great, rememberable characters instead =( but… I’m sure Blitzway has more coming up later…. but a Godfather piece sitting in his chair with his cat would have been awesome to have in a 1/4 scale statue! Anyway, beautiful piece indeed… here is a short information about the statue ;) what do you think of it?

It is a pleasure to present Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct” through BLITZWAY’S “Superb Scale Statues” (1/4 Scale) series. Her name truly represents the sexiest icon and movie star of American cinema.

In this project, we used the most impressive scene of the movie – “Catherine in the interrogation room”. We wanted to convey the inner side of Catherine so we meticulously sculpted her facial expressions as though she was boldly enjoying a psychological game. To complement her facial expression, we made her body express dignity, confidence and poise.

Furthermore, a new technique of head painting presents more realistic facial looks of the actress.

The costume is made of special fabrics to express the unmistakable costume silhouettes and natural wrinkles, while a realistic chair from the decade and other accessories are used to complete the setting and atmosphere of the interrogation room.

What are you gonna do? Charge me with smoking?
– Catherine Tramell

Releasing first half of 2018

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