What the F**K Sony!? WHYYY?

I have something to say, Im so frustrated and I cant understand it… WHY THE F*** Didnt Sony add a UHD 4K player in their ny PS4 PRO!? It makes no f***ing sense at all! It has all the tech to make it a 4K player and they just wont do it, why Sony WHY!? You say 4K is the future, you add 4k streaming possibilities, 4K gameplay upscaling and new hardware for it and still you think the UHD 4K is not important? Thats cheap, you have always been a step ahead with movie playing, the PS2 was the first console to have DVD, the PS3 was the first to include a Blu-ray player, and the PS4 should already have had 4K player you would think but it didnt… Well okay, no big deal becuase obvioulsy the PS4 Pro would definitely come with it… Wrong! I mean, the ps4 slim should have f***ing had it…

You have a successful console release finally again with the ps4 and think thast by now you have learn to listen to the users and players, and instead of that you go greedy again… It’s not even going to be an upgradable problem that could be fixed in the future with an update no… It’s done, no 4K period! I was so looking foward to buy it but now I dont see the mean to it. It’s not worth it in my opinion to pay the same that I paid for the ps4 when it came out. It’s not even a new console, its a f***ing upgraded one! Well, im pist of as you can tell, how do you feel about it?

The XBOX SLIM has a f***king 4K player, the XBOX SLIM!!! OMG….

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