Review: SOUTH PARK The Fractured but Whole

SOUTH PARK The Fractured but Whole
Company: Ubisoft
For: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Out now, you can order it here!

The Fracture But Whole story takes place after the events of The Stick Of Truth (literally the next day). Players once again take control of The New kid aka ‘Douchebag’. But now that Cartman and the rest of the kids have decided to switch games and play Superheroes in the Fracture But Whole storyline, Douchebag is considered not cool anymore and has to work up the hierarchy from scratch.

Let me begin by saying that I’m a huge South Park fan and that from the first moment I heard about this sequel of the first South Park game, the Truth of Stick, and about the hilarious title (Fractured “but Whole”) it was going to have I got super exited and my expectations were high.
And as soon I started the game I was blown away of how gorgeous looking this game is! It’s looks almost identically as the tv shows! I could sometimes forget that it was a game I was playing, and that is a huge plus because I think that made so that I got hooked immediately to the story.

The gameplay is very simpel and satisfying, and I love the humor and jokes that they brought into this game. It’s 100% South Park from beginning to end. All the beloved characters from the series are in the game and you get the opportunity to control a lot of the cool kids that are dressed as super heroes, which is the theme of the story and this game. I played about 15 hours until I finally completed the game, and I didn’t want it to end, but 15 hours is more than enough and what a gamer could ask of a game, specially now that is South Park based.
Fans of the series will not be disappointed! Can’t wait for a new South Park season to come out now… Thanks Ubisoft, Parker and Stone for releasing such an awesome game! :D

RATING: 8/10


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