Review: Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Ruh 2
Developer: SIE Japan studio
Distributor: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Players: 1
Players online: –
Out on: Ps4

Release 2017-01-18

Gravity Rush is a platform game where you play as the character Kat that has the ability to control gravity. At the start of the game you ar striped of all the abilities you had from the first game and fins yourself working hard for a mining company. This sets the story of the game as well as a really good tutorial with a really good pacing so your not getting bored even if you already finished the first game.

What i really like about this game is the art form and the storytelling. It uses a comic book style art style when characters talk combined with great sound effects and amazing graphics the really holds upp the story in a great way and leaves some room for you own imagination with is a good thing.

The controls of the game could be better considering it has been some time since the first Gravity Rush was released on the PS Vita but i feel it has the same flaws that you had on the first game. This is no means a game breaker and it still handles good but i cant help to wish for some improvements.

The game has both tasty missions, side missions and also some challenge missions that lets you try to beat a course or to different kind of things on a timer trying to set a good time. From these missions you collect point that you then can use to power up Kat’s different abilities.

Gravity Rush 2 has a very nice story and a great way of delivering it to you, the graphics has a really nice style and combines the graphic novel style very nicely with the actual gameplay graphics. You really feel for the characters in this game with i now days find hard to do with most games. I can highly recommend this game to fans of the first game and fans oh platform games or if you just want a really good story.

Rating: 8/10

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