BRIDGE OF SPIES (2015) Blu-ray
Director: Steven Spielberg
Actors: Tom Hanks,  Mark Rylance,  Alan Alda
Drama/History, 142 minutes.
Distributor: 20th century fox
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“In 1957, lawyer James B. Donovan is recruited from his prestigious law firm to defend accused Soviet spy Rudolf Abel. It’s an unenviable task in many respects. Donovan hasn’t practiced criminal law since he was a prosecutor at the Nuremburg trials after World War II. Also, the strong anti-Communist mood at the time makes him a target from who think Abel should just be executed. Abel is convicted but Donovan convinces the judge to sentence him to prison, rather than execute him, as they may at some point in the future want to swap him for an American spy the Soviets might have in custody. Just such a scenario comes into play when in 1960 U-2 spy pilot Francis Gary Powers is shot down over Soviet territory and taken prisoner. Donovan is again recruited to act as the intermediary and negotiate swapping Able for the American requiring him to travel to East Berlin crossing the newly built Berlin Wall.”

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To be honest, this movie isn’t one of Steven Spielberg’s best in this category, I mean he has done “Shindlers List” and this one is no where near it. BUT it’s still a very watchable movie for the people who wants to learn some history, but I was a bit disappointed of how flat the movie is. There isn’t much happening unfortunately and I really think the 2 hours and 2o minutes should have been much shorter for it to hold most of the audience interests and attention.
However… It’s made beautifully and the acting is very good but the story should have been deeper. I still enjoyed it because I love history so I wanted to learn about that specific event that I knew nothing about earlier and I think this movie is for those who wants the same.

RATING: 6/10

+ The extras was very interesting and really worth watching!
Picture and sound quality was also very good.

  • A Case Of The Cold War: Bridge Of Spies
  • Berlin 1961: Re-creating The Divide
  • U-2 Spy Plane
  • Spy Swap: Looking Back On The Final Act

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