Quick Review: Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch

Here is my Quick Review of the Samsung Gear S3 Classic smartwatch.

So, I’ve never really been that hyped on having a smart watch before but now that I’ve gotten one and been able to use it, well… I’ve kind of liked it.

First of all there are a lot of smart watches out there but the two best are definitely Samsung and Apple Watch, and I’m an Apple freak, so we’ll see how this goes.

The Gear S3 looks absolutely beautiful, the round oled display and the leather band makes it look… yeah, classic, as the name of the version that I got… hehe, but it feels like there’s a lot of quality here.
What I love most about this smart watch are the beautiful and various smart faces. You can download quite many of them and mostly all of them looks great! So, when you are tired of a smart face, simply change it to another one… and voila! You have a new smart watch… well it felt that way.

The batteri was nice, but it takes time to accept that you have to charged it every 2 days… was not use to that, but it works. And it seems like 2 days are way better that most of the smart watches out there, so… just one more device to charged I suppose, nothing new.
Good presentation except the apps on the main menu, you can only fit about 7-8 on the screen, and you have to scroll a lot.
The way you navigate is nice though, apart from using your finger you can also use the bezel to rotate… it felt heavy, it felt quality and I use it a lot.

It does work with your iPhone, I could get notifications from my phone but only to see them… not interact at all with them making it almost pointless… But the biggest disappointment I had with the Gear s3 was the google store. It was almost empty… and there wasn’t many interested things to download here except for some of Samsung’s main apps and a some cool smart faces… no instagram, no big third party apps… no almost nothing. And that was a huge let go.

So, Gear s3 wasn’t a watch for me in the end. If I’m going to have a smartwatch I want it to be fully compatible with my phone, be smart as hell and have a lot of apps to choose from… and maybe if I’ve had a Samsung phone it would have been different.
Thought the watch was so beautiful and had so many cool smart faces that I had thoughts about maybe changing to a Samsung phone… but that lasted for about 5 seconds :P never ever had that thought before though so hehe, that might say a lot about how gorgeous this smart watch is ;)

There you have it…

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