Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Out now and you can buy it here!

Razer Huntsman is the latest pro gaming optical mechanical keyboard from Razer and let me give you my quick thoughts on it.
First of all, this thing is such a beauty to look at, especially with the RGB LED effects glowing beneath the whole keyboard. The design is simplistic yet very slick and the quality overall seems very durable, it uses a combination of metals and plastic. 

The mechanical switches feels premium and have a nice and satisfying click to them.
I do not only game with my keyboards I also edit movie clips and write a lot as well and this keyboard felt perfect with every type of usage.

Razer Huntsman are using optical switches now instead of the cherry MX ones and even though the difference might not seem like a big deal for everyone there is still a noticeable difference for the pro’s.
Hardcore gamers will probably notice it, but an average gamer? Maybe not.

The switches are faster in response, they actuates instantly… I did notice it and everything that makes your usage and gaming better… is pleasantly welcomed in my opinion as a tech geek and as a heavy gamer.

A really nice feature that I really love Razer for is their integration with Philips Hue Sync.
I have my whole house full with different Hue lightnings and to be able to sync the keyboards LED functionality with my hue lights in my gaming space is an awesome experience!
It works with all of your Razer Chroma devices so if you have for example an Razer Naga Trinity mouse with a Razer Firefly mat you can use Hue Sync to have the lights adjust color and brightness in conjunction with the action happening on your game screen!
How cool is that?

But there are a few things that might not be so cool, the price tag is quite high, around 1750sek (aprox. 190usd) and with other keyboards in the market offering almost the exact same thing for a tiny lower cost you might think if its really worth the price.

I can say this… me personally would pay more just for the Chroma functionality connecting with my Philips Hue lights alone… and the milliseconds faster response in the keyboard did make a small but noticeable difference in gaming for me as well.
It’s totally worth it for me, yes, but for everyone? I don’t know.
Another thing I wish this version had were the media keys that are included in the Elite version. 

But overall, I’m really surprised.
The Huntsman Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has functionality combined with fashion.
It looks absolutely gorgeous in every aspect and it’s very comfortable and quick to type with… and if you have other Razer chroma devices it’s an easy choice… then this is definitely the gaming keyboard to get.

Rating: 9/10

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