Director:  Phil Johnston & Rich Moore
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Six years have passed since the events of the first movie and Ralph discovers a strange machine called a ”router” that pushes Ralph and his best friend Vanellope to the endless world “Internet”. 
Can their friendship cope with all the temptations that exist on this so-called internet?

Ralph Breaks the Internet has an average story to it and it’s a totally good movie. As a stand-alone film, it would have done well but as a sequel, not so good unfortunately. All that these two friends had to go through in the first film is almost forgotten, instead this time the movie invest a lot on mass advertising of what the internet is about and it is not possible to avoid references such as youtube, google, ebay, instagram etc time and time again. Yes, the plot is set on the internet I know, but the obvious commercial is almost slammed to your face. I missed the connection to the games that the first movie focused so much on, it seems lite the storytelling wasn’t so important this time at all.

It had a good start and was pretty funny every now and then, but then it tripped on a wire… and even though it also had its emotional moments, the whole experience didn’t feel balanced… it lacked a red line.
But if you like disney/pixar movies then it’s worth seeing anyway.

RATING: 5.5/10

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