Our First UNBOXING video! The ROCKY II 1/4 STATUE from Blitzway

rocky II 2

Well it was time! Yesterday I finally got my long awaited ROCKY II Statue from Blitzway and damn I’m so happy about it! The piece is amazing, it’s one of the best figures/statues I’ve ever seen… I opened last night because I had to wait for Radomir to come by, he was working so it got pretty late. But we did an unboxing/mini review of the figure and you can watch it below. Today I’ve just been editing a trying to make it as short as possible that’s why no news has gone up today from my part…. but I hope you enjoy the video we made and that it was worth it.

A few pictures below too ;) thanks and subscribe to our new youtube channel please, I think me and Radomir have much more too show you soon! Thanks and take care! =)

rocky II 1

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