Director: Fracis Ford Coppola 
Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Hello everyone! I finally opened up THE GODFATHER OMERTA EDITION that Paramount Picture sent me, I was really looking forward to open it and share some pictures with you :D
I have a huge collection of these movies, I personally think its one of the best ( if not THE best ) trilogy ever made! Each movie is so well thought out and so incredibly good. So I can’t have enough editions of it… and this edition was a great addition, lots of new content, pictures and fun stuff included never included before… You all know THE GODFATHER movies, and if you haven’t seen them yet for whatever reason, I suggest you see them as soon as you can!

4 Blu-ray discs containing all 3 movies of the saga + 1 bonus disc packed with bonus features. This edition also contains 10 cards with quotes from the movies – 10 playing cards – quotes magnets – 5 cards with script.

So, without further ado, here comes some pictures of this wonderful edition!

My Godfather collection! Thanks Paramount Pictures –

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