My Thoughts on the new NINTENDO SWITCH –


Well yesterday Nintendo had their huge trailer for their new console released… And as a lot of you  know by now the name of the console was Nintendo Switch.
My first thought was, hmm… I’m concerned about how the performance will be on it because the hardware is only inside the “tablet”, yes, that’s the whole console! The stand is just a stand and a plattform to connect the console to the television… so not a lot of hardware may fit in the tablet was my first thought… but as the trailer continued I saw the potential of the new Nintendo Switch… the simple way to take it with you wherever you go, the simple way to connect and play with friends everywhere, no limits. The games looked as good as the Wii U and will surely look better when we see more of them in the future, so in terms of the performance again I was a little more reliefed. It can not be worse than the Wii U right? And to have it so portable and wireless… yes, my hopes went up… the controllers looked cute… but not sure if it will work good for both players when you play 2 people… one of the sticks seemed to be to close to the buttons in one of the controllers… but it’s nice that it is always ready to multiplayer wherever you go.
I loved it by the end of the trailer but had some uncertainties. Will the battery last long? How powerful can it be inside that little tablet? Does it still have a touch display? and will the controllers be motion based? Im really looking forward to knowing all we can about this console soon!
I think that the main thing that can make this console a success are the games… if there are more Nintendo games and more games in general it will succeed with out a doubt. I hope that will be the case… because it looks like a fun console with lots of features! What do you think? Please leave your comments below ;)

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