IMPORTANT UPDATE! What has been happening here…

Hi guys.
Hope you are all feeling well…
I’m doing this post because I want to explain just quick a few quick important things.
First of all, I know you have noticed the lack of info the last 3 weeks… and the reason to that is that I my self have been very very sick, and it has been so much that it has affected the website unfortunately. Im really sorry for that, trust me, I’ve lived the last 4 years with lots of complications (most involving my sick born daughters health and treatments that I never bring up, because thats just life for some people), and I’ve always updated the site no matter what. But this time it got to me very hard and we are still looking for answers in my body with doctors, we are doing more specific tests right now and it’s an ongoing issue. But will try my best to start writing soon again… I’m mostly by my self now that Radomir has gotten another job and he needs more time there and some of the other guest writers has been in vacations. Witch brings me to the other problem.

We noticed yesterday that quite a lot of game content and reviews, and some movie reviews, has been erased! And after lots of way of trying to figure out why that was and talking to our web hosts the explanation was devastating but simpel… one of the game writers we had before (won’t mention his name but the ones that follows the site probably know) erased all of his history unfortunately… when he left and erased his account. I’ve been trying to contact him but can’t get a hold of him… will continue to try, but it doesn’t seem that we can bring all the content back  =( I’m still in talks with my web hosts but it doesn’t look good. And we are very, very sorry for that, especially to our distributors that give us all these contents to write about for you and so that it get stored here on the site for ever.
Well, I learn a few things with this experience now and that won’t happen again, trust me.

I just needed to inform you of this because I really see this as my obligation for you the viewers that visits us everyday. You guys are the reason I/we do this content for and I love to share my experience with what I test and what my other writers gets to test and write about.
So I really hope you understand or get a picture of what has happen and why.

I wish you the best weekend and hopefully I’ll be back on Monday next week… take good care.

Sincerely//philippe antonio a.r, admin.

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My name is Philippe Antonio and I love movies! Have a movie collection that I wouldn't even trade for a new Ferrari (the gasoline is to expensive) ... I love to draw and have my art on another website Besides that, I also love Gadgets and Zlatan ... well, football generally. I Founded this website for my comic figure at first but has lately just focused on movie/game news, reviews and that stuff. So hope you liked it!

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