Hi there everyone… quick update!

Well, last week was had a very weak flow on the page… been very busy unfortunately. I’m going to try to be better this week, but we have a sports holiday right now this week, so I’ll do my best.
Another thing I’ve done the last 3 weeks is that I’ve worked on my last piece, but I’m done with that also now… I call it MEJKME DO… yeah, good luck figuring why :P hahaha…

I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

About Philippe Antonio

My name is Philippe Antonio and I love movies! Have a movie collection that I wouldn't even trade for a new Ferrari (the gasoline is to expensive) ... I love to draw and have my art on another website Blackbrush.se. Besides that, I also love Gadgets and Zlatan ... well, football generally. I Founded this website for my comic figure at first but has lately just focused on movie/game news, reviews and that stuff. So hope you liked it!