DARTH V! My latest painting 70x50cm Star Wars ;)

Yes, made a privat commission for a customer last week, and this was the result… it was more personalized for him but had the possibility to change some things and make it available for everyone!
I Call it DARTH V, very simple and neat, but so much dark power hiding in it hehe, will put up some close detailed pics of it later… but here you have it!

Limited to 200pieces as always, be sure to check out my other work at Blackbrush.se

Have a nice day everyone!

About Philippe Antonio

My name is Philippe Antonio and I love movies! Have a movie collection that I wouldn't even trade for a new Ferrari (the gasoline is to expensive) ... I love to draw and have my art on another website Blackbrush.se. Besides that, I also love Gadgets and Zlatan ... well, football generally. I Founded this website for my comic figure at first but has lately just focused on movie/game news, reviews and that stuff. So hope you liked it!

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