Check out the Awesome VFX for BATMAN v SUPERMAN!

Batman v Superman had some mixed reviews and a lot of debating started online where a lot of people defended it and a lot criticized it. I’m one of them who is right in between, I liked it a lot but it could have been much better. But one thing we can all agree on is that it had some awesome visual effects, and here is a video breakdown of those incredible VFX the movie has ;) enjoy!

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My name is Philippe Antonio and I love movies! Have a movie collection that I wouldn't even trade for a new Ferrari (the gasoline is to expensive) ... I love to draw and have my art on another website Besides that, I also love Gadgets and Zlatan ... well, football generally. I Founded this website for my comic figure at first but has lately just focused on movie/game news, reviews and that stuff. So hope you liked it!

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