A New Member at Domcoola.se, Bobo is Back!

Yes! My good old pal Bernhard, or as we and many of his friends calls him… “BOBO” is back here at Domcoola.se ;) I’m very happy that he is joining us again!
Welcome Back mr.Bobo!

“Im a regular tech freak thats been into gaming my whole life and have a special love for photography and new and cool gadgets.”

Name: Bernhard “Bobo” Meijer
: 1981, Leo
Favorite movie: Nausicaä
Favorite tv show: Peaky Blinders
Favorite animated show: Neon Genesis
Favorite game: Metal Gear series
One thing I’d take to a desert island: Internet
Coolest gadget: The PSVR
Hobbies: History, Video Games, Photography
Motto: Get good by practice
Food: Ribs
Contact: Bobo.Meijer@gmail.com
Youtube: Boboulus

About Philippe Antonio

My name is Philippe Antonio and I love movies! Have a movie collection that I wouldn't even trade for a new Ferrari (the gasoline is to expensive) ... I love to draw and have my art on another website Blackbrush.se. Besides that, I also love Gadgets and Zlatan ... well, football generally. I Founded this website for my comic figure at first but has lately just focused on movie/game news, reviews and that stuff. So hope you liked it!

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