Name: Philippe Antonio A.R, aka Brorsan
: 1985 Cancer
Favorite movie: Godfellas!
Favorite tv show: 24 with Jack Bauer! And then House…
Favorite animated show: Dragon Ball Saga
First Limited Edition: Terminator 2 Skull
Favorite game: Resident Evil & Call of duty MW2
One thing I’d take to a desert island: Fishing pole
Coolest gadget: The iPad!
Hobbies: Draw, play football, movies & watch Zlatan play football!
Motto: Mina Goroshi Nanhara Katanayono Andate Bayo!

radolitoprofilName: Radomir Zuniga
Age: 1986 Cancer
Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings marathon style…
Favorite tv show: Stargate SG-1
Favorite animated show: South Park
Whos’ the best at Call of Duty: ME!
Favorite game: Zelda – A Link To The Past
One thing I’d take to a desert island: Airplane
Coolest gadget: Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator
Hobbies: Games, movies, tv shows och games again
Motto: YOLO (You Only Live Online)

Name: Bernhard ”Bobo” Meijer
: 1981, Leo
Favorite movie: Nausicaä
Favorite tv show: Peaky Blinders
Favorite animated show: Neon Genesis
Favorite game: Metal Gear series
One thing I’d take to a desert island: Internet
Coolest gadget: The PSVR
Hobbies: History, Video Games, Photography
Motto: Get good by practice
Food: Ribs
Youtube: Boboulus


chechoName: Sergio Painemal
Age: 1977 Aquarius
Favorite movie: Inception, IP Man
Favorite tv show: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead
Favorite animated show: Samurai Jack
First Figure: Wolverine
Favorite game: Gears of War 3
One thing I’d take to a desert island: Fishing net
Coolest gadget: Mac Mini
Hobbies: Piano, Football & martial arts
Motto: Do it for you, not anybody else.
Favorite food: Dumplings
Favorite movie quote: ”Today is a good day to die”

martin svedenbladNamn: Martin Svedenblad
Age: 1981, Cancer
Favorite movie: Leon
Favorite tv show: TopGear
Favorite animated show: Full metal Alchemist
Favorite game: BF4
One thing I’d take to a desert island: Big boat
Coolest gadget: Gyroboll
Hobbies: computer games och mini-figures
Motto: Why do it now when you can do it later?
Food: Pizza
Youtube channel: Swedish Gamers
Eduardo Martinez (more info soon)