Kevin Spacey’s career is probably over… Beeig replaced in a huge movie!

Damn, as most of you already may know, Kevin Spacey has been acused of sexual harassment and he answered them quite quickly but in the worst possible way. He answered so stupid that right there I knew he was going to have huge problems. And well, he got kicked out of one of Netflix’s most successful tv-show House of Cards and later from another original Netflix movie that looked very interesting… and NOW, he is going to be replaced in Ridleys Scott’s upcoming movie ALL MONEY IN THE WORLD. A movie with a cast of Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. What is most striking is that the movie was already complete and is having/would have a release december 22nd. And they are taking the decision to replace Kevin Spaceys character completely with actor Christopher Plummer. Thats a really huge decision and a big step of marking zero tolerance of sexual harassments.

It’s good they do that, I just cant believe how Kevin could have been so stupid, beeing such a talented actor. But it looks like hes career is definitely is over. He hasnt even comment on anything else since his crazy excuse

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